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Art group for all abilities

Bathampton Art Group was established in 1968. Jack Bryant was the founder member, who single handed ran the group for a number of years. Since then the group has grown in popularity and membership is now around 100

Artists in the Group develop using the expertise of the more experienced members. Demonstrations by guest artists are held, enabling the members to learn and enjoy many different approaches to art.

The group meet three times a week, Monday afternoon, evening and Thursday morning and has attracted some very talented artists. The group welcomes all levels and ability.Exhibitions are held at Bathampton Village Hall twice a year, Spring and Winter.



Moria Anderson

My Passion is watercolour, I am totally fascinated with the way colours blend on the paper. My approach is when you get unexpected results with watercolour, just go along with it. In the last two years, I've been trying out acrylic and am getting used to it and enjoying it.

Pat Batcheldor

Illustration was part of my working life in London as a Dress Designer in the 1960's and 70's. After moving to the Bristol and Bath area with my husband's work, I had to change career, and promised myself to return to painting when I retired. I started with pastels, and enjoy painting with acrylics. I have won competitions and have taken on commissions. I will tackle any subject, with my own mark, but my preference is for landscapes.

Lindsay Brewster

I paint mainly in oils or watercolours and occasionally in soft pastels, using a varied palette of colours depending on the subject. I mostly paint from photographs and don’t have a favourite subject although I am particularly attracted to natural objects such as feathers and shells, as well as to atmospheric scenes with beautiful skies and misty landscapes. I also enjoy trying new media and have recently learned the basics of encaustic wax painting and painting on silk.

Yvonne Francis

I always enjoyed art at school and into my twenties, but it became non-existent when the children arrived! I returned to painting 10 years ago when they had left home. I use watercolour, acrylic, pastel, and pen and ink, and would love to try oils, but lack of space at home restricts this; maybe one day if I can manage a little studio.

Brent King

I use mixed media, teaming acrylic paint with collage, soft and oil pastel, inks and anything else that comes to hand! I enjoy experimenting.as interested in the process as the end result. I also work with line and wash, often producing these paintings on location rather than in the studio. I always take a sketchbook with my when I'm travelling. My subjects are as diverse as the mediums I use, increasingly I like developing paintings from my imagination and from dreams.

Judy King

Has been a member of Bathampton Art Group for a number of years and now organises the exhibitions. Started painting using watercolour, has moved from gouache through to acrylics and oils. Now concentrates on oils and acrylics. Paints landscapes, seacapes, animals, and flowers. Enjoys the whole social aspect of painting together with the challenge it presents.

Fred Merson

I have recently taken up painting as a recovery therapy. I find it very helpful, especially the help and tips that I get from club members.I prefer to use watercolours but I have used oils although I think this medium benefits creative artists and my limited experience does not give me confidence to produce a quality painting without the benefits of tuition.

Nick Nieland

I enjoy painting pictures of Bath, especially when the sun is creating strong areas of dark and light. In particular, I enjoy the challenge of figures which help to bring the paintings to life. My favourite medium is watercolour, although I also use pastels

Geof Pollard

I have been a member of the Bathampton Art Group for a number of years and run the Thursday morning group. My chosen medium is acrylics and enjoy painting abstracts and sailing boats. I have done many paintings of Sicily where I have spent many a holiday.

Peter Powell

Started painting when retired. My paintings are for the most part steam engines but of late have painted a variety of subjects always in oil.

Jane Riley

I starting painting in 1989 when I enrolled at evening class in London. Whilst living there I became a member of the Barnet Guild of Artists, and exhibited at their exhibitions. I now have my own studio and am kept busy painting commissions of local scenes, animals,houses and portraits. I have enjoyed doing life drawing and portrait classes and paint in oils,watercolour and pastel.More of my artwork can be seen at www.janerileyart.co.uk

Barry Shaw

I have always enjoyed sketching and drawing in pen and ink. My favourite subjects are buildings and architechure. Recently I have moved onto watercolour and mixed media and enjoy the freedom this gives me.